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    Clutch Release Valve FOR ISUZU DMAX

    ※Our History Our company was established in 1998,after 20 years of hard work ,now we have employees around 750,warehouse area about 80,000 square meters, and we have 13 company branches, which include Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanchang storage center..ect.We have made great achievements in China...
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    Coated Fabric manufacturers China

    Polyurethane coated fabric uses high-strength polyester fiber as the skeleton and is coated with functional polyurethane on the surface. It is featured by good oil resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength and a longer service life. It can be...
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    Electronic Control Winch factory

    JK series electronic control winch JK type high speed winch is mainly used for materials lfting and tracton the weight drops during construction. It also used for crane as main hoist; it is the special winch of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction and...
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    Tanzania Flotation Machine

    SF Flotation Machine Description This product is the self-absorption for air and pulp. The slot is forward-leaning and not easy to sink, which is good for foam returning;this product has double-blade impeller, stirring coarse sand on the bottom efficiently; high inspiratory capacity, low...
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    Magnetic Receptive Media suppliers

    Newlife`s Magnetic receptive sheet—NS steel sheeting is a kind of printable media. The printable liners on Magnetic receptive sheet are applied with PET, PP, canvas etc. It can be printed as easy as traditional printable media, and get high quality images, suitable for wide print processes, such...
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    High-strength Bondi Sewing Thread manufacturers

    Outdoor shoes bondi sewing thread 250D/3 PRODUCT PICTURES Customized Bondi sewing Thread 250D/3 Under Thread Back Thread for pre wound 1.Materials:100% Bondi Yarn(75D-1000D) with various lengths and strands 2.Features: 1) Suitable for making sofa, shoes, fashionable leather products, 2)...
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    cheap CAS 4009-98-7

    Xi'an Goldenchuan Novel Materials Co., Ltd is certified R&D chemical product company. The company has established collaboration with several large universities and domestic research institutions to guarantee the high product quality. Our product performance has won rave review in the industry...
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    Folded Paper Hand Towels manufacturers

    Shanghai Kelin Paper Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of various household papers since its establishment in 2005. Its main products include toilet paper;jumbo roll toilet paper; napkin; facial tissue; hand paper towel; kitchen paper towel; clinic paper towel (exam roll); industrial...
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    Customized Flatbed Screen Printing Inkjet Engraving System

    Vacuum Fixation (mm) Plate Position Accuracy0.2 Plate BalanceAutomatic Balance Data InterfaceUSB, 1000Mbit/s AmbientTemperature: 25℃±3℃; Humidity 20~80% (Non-condensing) (mm) Machine DimensionL2480×W1580×H1180 (kg) Net Weight 1800 Power Supply≦8KW/220V±5%, 50/60HZ Contact information Hangzhou...
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    Cosmetics China

    Whitening facial Lotion OEM Contains triple whitening formula to sequester skin from melanin: Impairs uneven pigmentation in skin Enhances skin's brightness Protects skin from melanin formation In dry spring, autumn, winter and other seasons, any skin needs deep moisturizing body lotion to...